Our story began with a commitment and dedication to one goal in mind. How do we get kids excited about their nutrition and health? At the time, we understood just how difficult it was for children to take their daily vitamins. So we set out to find a way to help kids get their daily vitamins in the most fun and healthy way possible. After extensive research and testing, GummiKing™ was born. GummiKing™ was one of the first gummy vitamins for children and the first to offer gummy vitamins that were vegan, vegetarian, gelatin free, pectin based, gluten free, and made with natural flavors and colors.


The same commitment, passion and devotion to children’s nutrition, which led us to develop GummiKing™ is what drives us to continue making the healthiest and most innovative gummy vitamins for children today.



GummiKing™ is committed to helping your little ones get their daily nutritional support in the healthiest and most fun way possible. Each one of our delicious gummy vitamin formulas are researched and developed to fully support all the different nutritional needs of kids and are made with the healthiest ingredients. We also believe that all kids should be able to enjoy gummy vitamins, which is why we have adapted our business model to allow us to offer our products at the lowest prices possible.

Core Values


Our Core Values reflect what is truly important to us. They help guide our employees and allow GummiKing™ to fulfill our goal of supporting the health of your little ones by providing a range of healthy and complete vitamins gummy vitamins.

Commitment to Excellence

Our gummies are made with two guiding principles. First, we believe in using only healthy ingredients. Second, we know that all kids are different and require different nutritional needs. So with the help of our gummy scientists and nutritional experts, all of our products are carefully formulated with healthy ingredients to support a wide range of nutritional needs.


We are never truly satisfied and always searching for new ways to improve our current line of gummy vitamins for children.

Keep Learning

Our experienced nutritional experts are passionate about providing children with the highest quality products and constantly expanding their knowledge on child physiology, psychology, and nutrition.


Price should not be an obstacle to health and nutrition. We know just how unnecessarily expensive other gummy vitamins can be. We don’t think it is right. As part of our true commitment to helping kids get their daily nutritional support in a fun and healthy way, we have proudly adapted our business model in order to ensure the lowest prices without compromising quality.

Social Responsibility


Our commitment to supporting kids doesn’t end with our gummies. One of our goals is to help within our community and contribute to organizations that help children. GummiKing™ has been a proud partner with the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, the largest research organization which aims to find a cure for children and adolescents who suffer from Type 1 diabetes.